HART Gallery Tennessee is a 501c3 non profit created with the mission of offering homeless and other non-traditional artists an opportunity to create and sell their artwork for their benefit.


AboutWhile walking down Main Street one evening, enjoying the public art that has become prevalent in Chattanooga, Ellen Heavilon happened upon Homes, a public work by Frances McDonald, Julie Clark and Mark Making. Homes is a mosaic of tiles that were individually created by homeless persons in the Chattanooga area. Ellen was so moved by the power of the art and the quality of the pieces that she got the idea to build on the concept of ‘Home’ and expand the mission from the homeless to any non-traditional artist in the area that may not otherwise have the opportunity to express themselves through their art.


AboutExecutive Director and Founder of HART Gallery TN, Ellen Heavilon has been a lover of fine art since graduating college. Dabbling in art classes and art history has been a casual past time over the years. In her strive to give back to the community Ellen has been a perpetual volunteer over the years and is now consolidating her volunteer efforts into one mission and one focus that centers on creativity and giving individuals, who would not otherwise have an opportunity, the ability to creatively express themselves with the possibility of sharing in the proceeds of their efforts.