Here are some of the artists we are proud to work with.

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Amy Dinsmore

Amy attributes her artistic influence to her grandmother, who gave her a scrap box that she and Amy and Amy’s mother kept full of “tidbits” treasures with which to create. This grandmother would supply her with “real” art materials and encouraged her free expression on these special summer visits of her childhood. After struggling for many years with physical and psychological issues, Amy renewed her former passion for making art from odds and ends, finding that it helps her to cope with her fragmented emotions. She has developed a style that combines collage technique with sculptural use of vintage, found objects.

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. She learned to crochet and cross-stitch dresses and purses at 8 years old. Ana and her family have lived in Chattanooga for 13 years now. Language being a barrier, she can connect and do her craft as a source of income. Her pieces are 100 % handmade and uniquely beautiful.

Ayda Castro

The Castro family was displaced from Colombia for political reasons. They were refugees in Ecuador, where Ayda and Sara met a woman named Paquita Pluas. She taught them the art of jewelry and to work with the tagua. It is an exotic seed that only grows in the Amazon. They are now refugees in the USA. Ayda, along with her husband, Nestor, are working hard to provide for their three children and grandson.

Barbara Brander "Bob"

Barbara “Bob” Brander was born and raised in Chattanooga. After a divorce, her existence turned into one of struggle and poverty that is continuing to this day. When a friend introduced her to art, it transformed her life. Barbara has an affinity for the 1920’s Parisian scene. Her charcoal renditions are unique and visually stunning.

Benjamin C. Brown

Benjamin C. Brown was raised in Chattanooga, TN. He has struggled with mental health issues since childhood, and is also a recovering addict, who used drugs to self-medicate through his struggles. Fortunately, has made art as long as he can remember, and now focuses on creating to help him cope. Although he is currently homeless and struggling to get back on his feet, he has found a new hope in making and selling his art through H*Art Gallery. In his words, “Art helps me see and connect with my soul.”

Charles Douglas Mundy

Doug grew up in Nashville. He got his engineering degree from UTK and moved to Chattanooga. He pursued his career and married a Red Bank schoolteacher. After 12 years of living the dream, his wife and mother both passed away suddenly from natural causes. Unfortunately, his subsequent traffic offenses landed him in jail. His pro-active textbook studies and pencil sketch artwork aid him in his recovery and his hope for a successful future.

Christopher Tang

Christopher Tang is a Chattanooga native. He feels that photography is something for him to focus on and keep himself busy. Chris sees the photographic field of view as a canvas where he can put strokes. He finds inspiration in Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Chris is a regular at the H*Art Gallery’s outreach classes as well as our open gallery hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Chris shares that the H*Art Gallery provides a place for him to work on his social skills.

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown is a self-taught artist, tattooist, and poet from Washington, DC. He has been drawing since the age of six. Through trials and tribulations of life, he put down his pencil and was pulled into the street life at the age of twelve. Always an artist at heart, he grew up making clothes, airbrushing jeans, and cutting hair. While living the street life and all that comes with it, Christopher made some bad decisions that led him to prison. While in prison with time on his hands, he picked back up his first love: his pencil. Upon re-entering society, he kept drawing in his spare time, as it is like meditation, or Zen to him. He moved to Memphis after the death of his mother because he felt her spirit here. Christopher has been homeless for a little over a year, since he moved back to Memphis. Christopher says that the Hart Gallery gave him the motivation to finally do more work and follow his heart.

Clay Cofer

“Clay” Cofer was born in Chattanooga, and raised in Hixson, TN. From an early age, Clay always loved to draw. He found everything he examined underneath the water to be beautiful. That love for the mysteries that one can find beneath the surface kept his spirit alive. After trying different fields of study amidst dealing with mental health stuggles, Clay began to paint as a way to cope with his restless mind. Clay comes to H*Art Gallery through Aim Center. His mission for his artwork is to provoke thought, and encourage others to cultivate their imagination.

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