Here are some of the artists we are proud to work with.

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Amy Dinsmore

Amy attributes her artistic influence to her grandmother, who gave her a scrap box that she and Amy and Amy’s mother kept full of “tidbits” treasures with which to create. This grandmother would supply her with “real” art materials and encouraged her free expression on these special summer visits of her childhood. After struggling for many years with physical and psychological issues, Amy renewed her former passion for making art from odds and ends, finding that it helps her to cope with her fragmented emotions. She has developed a style that combines collage technique with sculptural use of vintage, found objects.

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. She learned to crochet and cross-stitch dresses and purses at 8 years old. Ana and her family have lived in Chattanooga for 13 years now. Language being a barrier, she can connect and do her craft as a source of income. Her pieces are 100 % handmade and uniquely beautiful.

Anthony Alsobrook

“I Grew up in Memphis. I got interested in art as a child and teen. I have always loved art and comic book heroes. I came to St. Mary’s for the weekly breakfast and started to get active in art again. I love music, art, and movies. And I love meeting positive people, playing my guitar, and singing.”

Anthony Johnston

Anthony Johnston was born on August 16, 1965 in Jackson, TN. He knew he wanted to be an artist by the age of thirteen. Anthony started going to Outreach Housing and Community in Memphis around 2010. He began attending art class at OHC in January of 2016. Painting portraits is his favorite. He loves painting faces and creating different expressions.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis was in Memphis, TN on March 22, 1966. He always enjoyed art in school as a kid. Anthony loves creativity of all kinds. He especially likes working with bright colors. Anthony started art class at Outreach Housing and Community at the beginning of 2016. He enjoys the fellowship and conversation while making art.

Ayda Castro

The Castro family was displaced from Colombia for political reasons. They were refugees in Ecuador, where Ayda and Sara met a woman named Paquita Pluas. She taught them the art of jewelry and to work with the tagua. It is an exotic seed that only grows in the Amazon. They are now refugees in the USA. Ayda, along with her husband, Nestor, are working hard to provide for their three children and grandson.

Barbara Brander "Bob"

Barbara “Bob” Brander was born and raised in Chattanooga. After a divorce, her existence turned into one of struggle and poverty that is continuing to this day. When a friend introduced her to art, it transformed her life. Barbara has an affinity for the 1920’s Parisian scene. Her charcoal renditions are unique and visually stunning.

Benjamin C. Brown

Benjamin C. Brown was raised in Chattanooga, TN. He has struggled with mental health issues since childhood, and is also a recovering addict, who used drugs to self-medicate through his struggles. Fortunately, has made art as long as he can remember, and now focuses on creating to help him cope. Although he is currently homeless and struggling to get back on his feet, he has found a new hope in making and selling his art through H*Art Gallery. In his words, “Art helps me see and connect with my soul.”

Candice Morrow

Candice is a Chattanooga native, but a seasoned traveler. She comes to H♥ART Gallery through Joe Johnson Mental Health and uses art to cope with the anxiety associated with her diagnosis. She started making art at 6 years old to alleviate the stress of living with a drug-addicted mother and younger brother with autism. "Always, art has been an outlet to cope with stress and confusion." Candice went to live with her father at age 9 until she experienced a psychotic break at the age of 15 and was unable to function at school. She went in and out of treatment and was a ward of the state until she was 18. As an adult who has overcome many obstacles with art as her constant ally, she is encouraged by her therapist, husband , and father to show it to others.

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