Here are some of the artists we are proud to work with.

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William Wade

William Wade has always had a strong passion for art and dreamed of one day having his work shown in a gallery. William is a fighter, surviving colon cancer at the age of 22. Two years later an auto accident caused his spine to fracture in four places leaving him permanently disabled. While recuperating he began teaching himself how to paint. He mainly likes to work with oils but likes to try other mediums as well. William would love more than anything to pursue a career in fine art. He is open to commission work.

William "Bill" Sera

Bill Sera is a Florida native, who now resides in Chattanooga, TN. He came to H*Art Gallery through Aim Center’s Studio Program. He is a survivor of early childhood abuse, who thankfully had family who intervened at 5 years old. He is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and struggles with other mental health issues relating to this early trauma, but art helps him to deal with his struggles. In his words, he “uses art as a cathartic way of telling his story.” As a big fan of film, he sees himself as viewing art like a director who is making a movie. He is a big fan of architecture and loves to focus on it in his paintings. He uses the bright, happy colors of Miami Beach architecture to represent his lighter, playful side, and collage to reflect his darker moods. If Bill “hits it big” with his art, he would love to one day own his own art studio and gallery.


Yolanda learned to sew from her Grandmother at a very young age. She can remember sitting on the front porch and watching her Grandma sew. It started a fire in her soul that has been with her throughout her life and continues to serve her as a form of therapy. She recalls being good at art in high school, even being named “best artist” her senior year. However, it wasn’t until recently that she was urged to use visual arts media again at H*Art Gallery that her love of art has been renewed. Being creative through sewing and art-making help her battle the depression that largely stems from an unhealthy relationship that lead to domestic violence. Yolanda is trying to take her life back and hopes to be able to one day realize her dream of creating fashion. She is currently in vocational rehab and is striving to become more self-sufficient and independent.

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