Our Staff

Ellen Heavilon

Executive Director and Founder of H♥ART Gallery TN, Ellen Heavilon has been a lover of art since graduating college. As a stay-at-home Mom most of her adult life she found herself looking for 'what is next' when the idea of the gallery came to her. As someone who is comfortable in service she is using her many years of volunteering to focus on one mission that centers on creativity and giving individuals, who would not otherwise have an opportunity, the ability to creatively express themselves with the possibility of sharing in the proceeds of their efforts.

Brooke Lawrence Montague

Brooke received her Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasizing in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia. She has a dual degree; Master of Art Therapy and Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor. She brings to the gallery her personal love of art as an artist and her interest in the art process with others.