Warm Glow

11 x 14 not framed

Price: $60.00

Artist: Ronald Johnson

About the Artist:
I used to be a master craftsman. I built some very nice, high profile signs in Jacksonville, Florida. Then I got sick with pancreatitis. I was so sick the doctor told me that had I waited another two days to come to the hospital I would have died, but, the Lord Jesus saved my life. When I tried to go back to work afterwards they laid me off. I drew unemployment while looking for work but had no success. When my unemployment ran out I started selling my stuff to survive, and then I went dumpster diving- there was not enough money in that to even eat everyday. It was so bad that I tried to kill myself but God didn’t let me die. I had enough poison in me to kill two people but the next day I was still here. I prayed and prayed asking why. Jesus answered telling me to leave everything and spread his word. That is why I am here. To help those that are lost and to help the needy with whatever means God provides me.

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