Warm Inside

20 x 16

Price: $130.00

Artist: Jasen Boston

About the Artist:
Jasen was born in Tampa, Florida. As a child he had always been somewhat of a troublemaker but not by choice. In his early years, he tended to skip school a lot and got into mischief with friends. His parents decided he needed something to keep him out of trouble so they bought him a sketchbook and a dog and told him they were his new friends. Jasen began living an introverted life, keeping somewhat to himself while discovering a new passion in art at 13 years old. He found a new way of expressing himself and his first painting was called "The Hunger". He found an inspiration in Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh. Jasen discovered that art doesn't always need to make sense (or at least not right away). Jasen likes to leave hidden meanings and images in his work. While in high school, he applied to Ringling school of art and design. After being turned away for not having what they were looking for, he pursued realism to improve his people, places, and animals. Jasen now adds his newly learned realism to his passion for surrealism.

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